• Books for Accountants and Entrepreneurs

Books for accountants and entrepreneurs

Publishing house «Factor» is a leader on the market of literature on law and economics, both for the assortment and quality of the issued products. Accounting and taxation, law and audit, office administration and documents flow, automation of accounting work — these and other topics are dealt with in the books of the publishing house.

  • Our priority task
  • information and methodological support of the professionals in the field of economics and law with the purpose of perfecting their activities. We are convinced that every reader will definitely find a way to solve their professional tasks, obtain valuable knowledge and open up new opportunities for their personal growth.
  • Our authors
  • top experts, economists, lawyers, accountants and auditors, successful and experienced in their field.

We develop together with the market, improve our knowledge and skills and contribute to the formation of the national business environment.

Publishing house «Factor» offers a wide range of the professional literature for:

  •   financial sector employees
  •   private entrepreneurs
  •   executives at all levels
  •   legal experts
  •   human resources employees
  •   employees in other fields

For your convenience all specialized literature of the publishing house «Factor» is available both in paper format and online. You can familiarize yourself with the available books and buy them in our online shop.