• Fiction and Children’s Literature

Fiction and children's books

Publishing House «Vivat» — one of the largest publishers of Ukraine, is a leader in the production of fiction, children's and applied literature. Our product range includes more than 5,000 titles, more than 1,000 business partners in all parts of Ukraine and neighbouring countries.

The total annual circulation of implementation — more than 1 million copies.

We offer our readers the widest selection of books of all tastes:

  • exclusive gift editions;

  • children's fiction and developing literature;

  • worldwide bestsellers;

  • classical and contemporary literature of domestic and foreign authors;

  • cookbooks, manuals on preservation of health, needlework, home interior design etc.;

  • books on business and marketing;

  • computer-based literature.

Publishing House «Vivat» — is the constant participant of important national and international exhibitions such as the Book Publishers' Forum in Lviv, Book Arsenal in Kiev festival Kharkov BookFest (Ukraine), the International Book Fair in Bologna .Bologna Children's Book Fair (Italy), the Frankfurter Book Fair Buchmesse (Germany) and others. Our books are prize winners in literary competitions also receive prestigious literary awards.

We are proud to have a long-term experience of cooperation with publishing houses in Europe, the USA, Russia and other countries in the sale and purchase of the copyright.

We offer our partners the best conditions for cooperation:

    • 1
    • high-quality products at competitive prices
    • 2
    • a flexible system of discounts
    • 3
    • individual approach to every client
    • 4
    • additional earning potential
    • 5
    • openness to cooperation and respect for our customers and partners

Vivat Publishing:

— exclusive edition for private collections and libraries: the historical and biographical books, the best works of classical and contemporary literature with a unique design and the author's illustrations printed on high quality paper.

— applied literature: cookbooks, health maintenance manuals, books for lovers of crafts, collections with the best tips for leisure activities, the creation of interior design in houses and gardens and so forth.

— children's fiction and developing literature for toddlers, school children and adolescents: bright carrying away books, fiction in the fashionable genre of children's and youth fantasy, informative encyclopedia, classic and contemporary literature of domestic and foreign authors.

Publishing House «Vivat» — the time of good books!