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The Printing House «Factor-Druk»

Ukraine's largest printing complex full-cycle production of newspaper, magazine and book production. Today, every third book, every tenth newspaper in the country are printed in our printing house.

Factor Media

Factor Media is a media company that was born as a result of Factor Publishing House evolutionary development; it is a company with 25-year history, leading on Web Solutions market and periodicals for business.

Publishing «Vivat»

Is in the top five largest national book manufacturers. We produce children’s, popular science and applied literature, also journalism and gift editions under the brands «Vivat», «Pelican» and «Argument-Print».

company «Factor-Audit» and Consulting Center «Factor»

For more than 20 years we have built up a diversified audit and consulting company that is rightfully holds the leading positions in Ukraine.

Educational Center «Factor Academy»

Educational online and offline programs in the field of accounting, finance, project management, IT, as well as psychological trainings and language courses.

Other activities

ROZUM is an educational project aimed at the intellectual development of children and adolescents. It includes group and individual master-classes on speedcubing, robotics, design, as well as company shops ROZUM (offline and online) with an assortment of deducational products (erector sets, robotics, science kits, puzzles, board games, kits for creativity, etc.).

President of Group of companies «Factor»

Политучий С.Я. - президент ГК «Фактор» Sergiy Polituchiy FACTOR Group of Companies Founder and President

Sergey Polituchyi is a businessman, a philanthropist and a public figure, a founder of the Factor Group of Companies, an Honorary Consul of the French Republic in Kharkiv, Sumy and Poltava regions, Honored Economist of Ukraine.

Mr. Polituchyi has graduated the Saratov Polytechnic Institute with honors, meantime he has achieved a title of a Candidate for master of sports in athletics.

Mr. Polituchyi started his career in Kharkiv. He worked at JSC Kharkivgaz, at the Kharkiv Regional Executive Committee, and at the Soviet-American joint venture “New Information Technologies”,concomitantly he had defended Ph.D. thesis.

Mr. Polituchy founded and headed the Scientific-Production Enterprise “Factor”, from which the development of the Factor Group of Companies began.

Sergey Yakovlevich has implemented his desire to improve the quality of life of Kharkiv residents : he hold a deputy post of the Kharkiv City Council, and then - the first deputy mayor and advisor to the Governor on socio-economic issues.

Mr. Polituchyi actively continues to participate in the region life by engaging in social activities. He is a Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the « Toloka Kharkiv Community Charity Fund», a member of the Kharkiv coordinating council office of the European Business Association, a member of the “Rotary Club Kharkiv-City” public organization, a board member of the civic organisation « Razom », co-founder of the Charitable Foundation « Myr ta poryadok ».

His merits are marked by high awards of the international and Ukrainian chambers of commerce "Scythian Pectoral" and "Golden Sign of Mercury", The highest award of the Kharkiv Regional Council «Slobozhanska Slava».

He willingly shares his knowledge and experience with young people: he lectures to students, holds open meetings and master classes for start-up entrepreneurs, managers of start-up projects.

Mr. Polituchyi is married, has two children.

Company mission

Promoting the intellectual, professional and aesthetic development of the business environment and society.

Company values

Permanent advancement of business processes, management practices, application of innovative technologies, upgrading of material and technical facilities Intention to be one step ahead, to shape the tendencies of market development and to offer the clients the best quality decisions Competence, pursuit of excellent results and constant perfection of the professional knowledge and skills We carry out social responsibility for our product, responsibility before the employees, state and society, we care for the environment Goal perception, shared values, common vector of thought direction. One of the ground rules is result orientation We welcome openness and benevolence in the relations between the employees of all levels. We respect the right of every employee to hold their opinion System approach to the solution of production, organizational and social tasks, providing the maximum result.
Social responsibility

Company history

In the years of our expansion we have travelled an intersting path and always strived to be the best in what we do.


The history of Group of companies «Factor» began on the 18th of February 1991, when the basis of the future company, Scientific and Production Enterprise «Factor», was registered.

«Factor» started its activity with conducting seminars for the accountants and entrepreneurs and consulting on accounting and taxation. In the post-soviet information vacuum the demand for clarifications and consultations from tax and financial experts was quite high and over 1000 people participated in each seminar.

In 1993 «Factor» began to publish and sell normative literature and accounting and reporting forms, making its first steps in publishing and trading activity. By the end of 1994, we established an extensive network of specialized trade «Factor».

On the 14th of February 1995, the first number of the newspaper «Taxes and Accounting» was issued. It not only published legislative and normative documents but also dealt with specific practical matters. The newspaper soon became popular among the readers and by January 1996 its circulation had increased 10 times.

The first office of the group of companies «Factor»

In 1996 «Factor» expanded its printing activity and purchased first full-colour printing equipment. By the year 2000 begins the construction of large-scale printing complex European model — the printing house «Factor-Druk».

The rapidly developing publishing direction «Factor» launches reference and methodological literature on the financial and economic activities of enterprises. It starts publishing monthly supplement to the popular newspaper «Taxes and Accounting», which is a systematic collection of regulations on taxation and accounting.

1998 — formation of the active marketing of its own services. In addition to working with alternative subscription services, «Factor» opens representative offices in major cities of Ukraine, which allows to establish effective communication with customers and improves the quality of products and increases circulation. By 1999, it creates a subscription and courier delivery service «Factor-Press».

There was a growing demand for business auditing and consulting services. Auditing firm “Factor-Audit” receives license for the practice of law, and therefore in the structure of the enterprise is organized legal department, providing clients with comprehensive legal support.

2000 saw the start of «Auditor» contest, held by “Factor” among the students of economic specialties of higher educational institutions of Kharkov. Later the contest became a popular massive educational project, embracing all regions of Ukraine.

Office Group of companies «Factor», a monument of architecture of XVIII century

In the new millennium «Factor» actively explored new lines of activity. Printing house «Factor-Druk» added modern equipment to its technical base – web offset press NewsLine S30. The newspaper production process is fully automated and meets the growing requirements of the printing. Leading regional publishers becоme our clients. By 2004, the base of installed equipment is expanding and a production line for hardcover books is installed. «Factor-Druk» launched its own chalk-coated paper products under the brand name «Helfer Office».

The portfolio of brands of the publishing house «Factor» is replenished with new editions: the newspapers «Private Business» («Собственное Дело»), «Accountant’s Weekly» («Бухгалтерская неделя»), «The Accountant» («Бухгалтер») journal, which becomes a powerful impetus to the development of the publishing direction of the company. In 2003 the next stage of publishing business began with new fiction and children’s literature publishers «Pelican», which later became a separate enterprise under the same trade mark.

Auditing activity of the company reached a new quality level. In cooperation with the German firm Rodl & Partner auditing firm «Factor-Audit» set up a new enterprise «Factor-Rodl-Audit».

«Factor-Press» continued to expand its presence on the territory of Ukraine, being the leader among the subscription agencies. By 2005, subscription and courier delivery services became available to the clients in 18 regional centers of the country.

«Factor» developed a unique loyalty programme for its clients – a long-term campaign “Choose a present”, which allowed company clients to accumulate bonuses in exchange for presents. In the first months of campaign sales figures increased by half.

In 2003 «Factor» organized a special event “Viva Accountant!”, the first in Ukraine festive event for the accounting and finance employees. The festival became an annual event. In 2006, it received the status of the regional event, inviting accountants from all over Ukraine.

In 2003 new aspect of the «Factor» trade activity led to the opening of the business accessories and exclusive gifts shop «Yes» («ДА»).

The signing of the Treaty establishing the «Factor Rodl Audit»

Publishing house «Factor» successfully launched new projects on the market — newspapers «Budget Accounting» («Бюджетная бухгалтерия»), «Labour Payment» («Оплата труда»), «Local Self Governance» («Местное самоуправление»), etc. Each edition was targeted at the narrow segment of professionals to meet their requirements. Publishing house of fiction and children’s literature “Pelican” explores the overseas book publishing markets, and as a result in 2010 presented their production at the international exhibitions in Bologna, Frankfurt, Moscow and Lviv. It was the beginning of their successful cooperation with foreign partners and expansion into new markets outside Ukraine.

Printing house «Factor-Druk» replenished its printing equipment with the unique for Ukraine press MAN Roland Uniset 75, which twice increased its production capacity. Since 2008, the company becomes the largest printing complex in Eastern Ukraine attracting major foreign clients.

Growth of volume and quality of auditing services and in 2008 auditing firm «Rodl-Audit» was named «Industry Leader» according to official statistics of the State Statistics Committee of Ukraine.

Pride of the printing house «Factor Druk» MAN Roland Uniset 75

Time of structural changes in the company. «Factor» corporation transformed into the Group of companies — entwined system of enterprises of various activity types, united by a common corporate culture, high-quality products and services. In 2012 «Factor» brand was stylistically upgraded according to modern design requirements.

In 2013 Publishing house «Vivat» was set up. It united three trademarks: «Pelican», «Argument Print» and «Vivat». Young publishing house has already reached some recognition. It was given a prize of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine named after Lesya Ukrainka for the book «The Wonderful Adventures of Nils with Wild Geese» (TM «Pelican»). Children’s development book «Palms» was included into the list of best editions «Honour List 2014» (№ 134) by International Вoard on Вooks for Young People (IBBY).

Printing house «Factor-Druk» has been steadily entering European market, and in 2014, together with «Vivat» publishers, demonstrated its competence at the largest world book exhibition Frankfurter Buchmesse. Cooperation with European partner helped both companies to expand their sales market.

Educational activity of the company has been developing. Educational center «Factor» offers wide range of courses for beginners and advanced accountants. Workshops and lectures for the students are delivered on a regular basis within the framework of «Factor» Academy (joint project of the Group of companies “Factor” and O.M. Beketov National University of Urban Economy).

Publishing house «Factor» expands its online audience. New project of the Publishing house, journal «Accountant 911», an information portal, promptly advising on the events in the field of accounting and taxation.

In 2015 «Factor» held the first book festival in Kharkiv — Kharkiv BookFest.

Kharkiv BookFest

Sergey Polituchy, Founder and President of the GC “Factor”, took office as Honorary Consul of France to Kharkiv, Sumy and Poltava regions in 2016. The inauguration was held by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of French Republic to Ukraine Mrs. Isabelle Dumont.

Ukraine joined the business club meeting of the world elite book publishing sector represented by the general director of “Vivat” publishing house Yulia Orlova for the first time in the international book fair Frankfurter Buchmesse history. Mrs. Orlova gave a presentation on changes in the book publishing business in Ukraine. Mr. Polituchy awarded the 25th Anniversary of Ukraine's Independence Medal by Ukrainian President in 2016. This medal is for awarding residents for outstanding personal achievements in the sustainable development of independent Ukraine, asserting its sovereignty and strengthening international prestige, significant contribution to state building, socio-economic, cultural and educational development, active social and political activity, conscientious and impeccable service to the Ukrainian people.

The Factor Publishing House received the Status Award “Enterprise of the Year-2016” and became one of 35 Ukrainian enterprises that received international certificates confirmed by independent analytical organizations in the European Union and Hong Kong. The «Vivat» publishing house has opened its first branded Bookstore « Vivat » in Kharkiv, which was conceived as Books & Coffee combo, as well as a venue for various cultural events : meetings with authors, autograph sessions, poetry evenings, etc.

In 2018 "Factor" has opened a new activity direction associated with the intellectual development of children and adolescents. «ROZUM» - the first store of educational goods and games, where board games, puzzles, erector sets, robotics, scientific and creative sets gathered together under the same roof, thanks to which the popular game-based learning concept is implemented with ROZUM.

The scientific and production enterprise “Factor” became the All-Ukrainian regional rating “Conscientious Taxpayers of Ukraine” winner. The rating was established by the Association of Taxpayers of Ukraine. Winners are determined by the tax revenues, the number of jobs, the wages\salary level, social and charitable programs. Lean manufacturing concept is being implemented at the “Factor-Druk” printing house. “Factor-Druk” expanded and upgraded its machinery fleet, and, above all – the construction of a new workshop was completed. Under its roof is united several production sectors of book industry, that has led to the hardcover books production increase by 1.5 times.

Memorable educational guided tours "Factory Adventures" for schoolskids are given at the printing house "Factor-Druk". Over 1000 children has been taken part in these tours during the year.