Work in the company

Group of companies «Factor» employ today 1500 active, initiative and commited professionals.

Your work in «Factor» means:

  • 1 an excellent opportunity to put your knowledge and experience into practice;
  • 2 a good chance to take part in big and interesting projects;
  • 3 team work with highly qualified professionals;
  • 4 great successful carrier prospects;
  • 5 various training programmes;
  • 1 formal employment;
  • 2 timely, to the day salary payment;
  • 3 modern comfortable work places;
  • 4 catering systems OR work lunches at special prices;
  • 5 full-paid holiday leave;
It also includes:

regular mass corporate events, participation in sport competitions, unlimited Internet access (for those who neet it for work) and mobile communication (for those who talk a lot on business).

It will be especially easy to become part of the big «Factor» team if you:

  • are energetic and committed person
    and you can work with result in mind
  • share our pursuit of success
  • get on well with people
    and can work in a team
  • have higher education
    (although it is not an indicator of your abilities)
  • have your own opinion
    and don’t hesistate to voice it
  • Have wide range of interests
    (we’ll be happy to learn something from you,
    not only at work).