• Factor Group is a partner of the festival named “French Spring”

Factor Group is a partner of the festival named “French Spring”

02 April 2015

The Factor Group has become a partner of the festival “French Spring” in Kharkov. The event has been organized by the French Embassy in Ukraine together with the cultural organizations such as Alliance Française and the Institut de France for 12 times already. In honor of the opening of the office of Alliance Francaise in Kharkov Factor Group proposed to extend Kharkov program of activities, bringing into play the forces of city activists and enthusiasts. A partner and sponsor support for the festival “French Spring” in Kharkov made a company of Peugeot named «Mistral Auto”.

Thanks to the cooperation of the Factor Group and active Kharkov citizens it was possible to create a program of two dozen different activities on the French theme: concerts, room and walking quests, confectionary master classes in French, film screenings, and lectures on French culture, history, fashion and even calligraphy! And this is not the entire list.

The details of the events which take place during the festival is available here