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New Business Directions

Women’s Clothing

One of the brand new directions of our activity is a Clothing Line Production “CARDO”. We use only modern equipment that meets international standards and work with up-to-date fabrics and accessories from the world's leading manufacturers. The model range encompasses a wide number of the latest fashion trends with grading for fit and size. From the fabric to warehousing, quality remains the highest priority. Time and quality are one of the key success factors in the fashion industry.

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Environmentally Friendly Fuel Alternative

Among the challenges of the 21st Century the foremost is the issue of environmental protection.

One of our new directions is Wood Pellet Production. It is an environmentally friendly and energy efficient biofuel as well as lower-cost option to fuel oil and natural gas. The production itself is located in Radekhiv, Volyn Region (Ukraine). It’s capacity allows to produce ca 12 tons per day (360 tons per month). Wood chips and log wood are used as raw materials making the pellet manufacture safe and waste-free. All our production meet the stringent and the most regulated European standards.