Internal social policy

Personnel of the Group of companies «Factor» is its main and the most valuable asset. With their unique experience and knowledge the employees daily create everything that the company is proud of and is the basis for its years-long history of success.


  •   motivating and rewarding employees
  •   personnel training and development
  •   ensuring comfortable and safe working conditions
  •   corporate culture development

Motivating and rewarding

Group of companies «Factor» workforce consist of about 1500 professionals, representing over 100 specialities. We highly appreciate the competence and expertise of our employees, their responsibility for the activity result and their personal contribution to the overall success of the company. With the purpose of increasing the employees’ motivation in achieving the highest possible results and shaping appropriate environment for the professional and creative activity we use various forms of the financial and non-financial rewards in the company. Best employees and business units get corporate as well as state and professional awards.

We guaranty timely and full salary payments to all the employees and provide full compliance with the active legislation requirements. Besides the guaranteed payments the company provides additional social support to the employees.

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Training and development

One of the integral constituents of the Group of companies «Factor» dynamic development and success is constant professional advancement of its employees. There are training and development programmes at the company units, encompassing all the significant aspects of professional activity and aimed at teaching the employees system approach to the solution of production tasks, and also at the obtaining of knowledge and skills which are necessary in everyday work.

Safety and comfort

We provide our employees with favorable and safe working conditions and consider them to be an important criterion of the company responsibility and a compulsory provision for work

Implementing modern ERP systems of business management, constantly updating production process, developing well balanced work schedule for our employees, creating comfortable office environment, considering every detail, up to the recreation areas and bicycle parking, we create the atmosphere that encourages productive work, creativity and development.

We place special emphasis on the healthy lifestyle promotion and shaping advanced work culture.

Corporate culture

Corporate culture of group of companies “Factor” abounds in its traditions and values, it is based on the mutual trust and respect, openness and benevolence in the relations. We provide our employees equal opportunities to fulfill their working and creative potential and we take pride in the fact that a lot of them have reached high level of their careers and achieved professional success in our company.

Our employees actively participate in the «Factor» initiated and supported charity events: they collect books and toys for the orphan homes, they donate money to the Institute of general and urgent surgery of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine and to the patients of the military hospital. We encourage employees’ participation in the voluntary movement.евідкладної хірургії АМН України, для пацієнтів військового госпіталю. Ми заохочуємо участь співробітників у волонтерському русі.

Annual formal ceremonies and sport and entertainment events, with all the employees’ participation, help to maintain and develop corporate values and traditions of the company.