«Factor — to Society»

Our team is convinced that there can be no business development unless there is the society development and open interaction with all stakeholders.

The focus areas of corporate social responsibility in our company are the active promotion of the civil society development and the culture-creating environment formation and the promotion of Kharkiv city as the largest cultural center in eastern Ukraine too.


«Viva, Accountant!»
For the first time in Ukraine the GC “Factor” organized the celebration party to local accountants “Vivat, Accountant!” in 2003. This bright event had been held one year before the President of Ukraine announced the official professional holiday -- “Accounting Day” on July 16.

“Viva, Accountant!” celebration caused a great resonance among financial sector employees, thanks to this event the importance of the accounting profession increased significantly before public opinion, and the event itself became one of the brightest events in Kharkiv region. Over 15 years more than 50 thousands Ukrainian accountants have taken part in it. Subsequently, the event moved from Kharkiv to Kiev. Thanks to Internet broadcasts its audience has grown hundreds of times.

Kharkiv BookFest
Modern Kharkiv is the center of national printing and newspaper publishing: four of the five the biggest Ukrainian publishers are in Kharkiv, close to 70% of whole national book production is printed here. Taking into account these facts and statistics Kharkiv is where the “Kharkiv BookFest” festival has being held since 2015 and which is established and organized by “Factor” Group of Companies. The festival program includes a series of cultural and book-related events: exhibitions, contests, flash mobs, literary evenings, meetings with authors, movie screenings, as well as the considerable book fair “A Day in the Garden”. Every year more than 10,000 Kharkiv residents take part in the festival events.

The landmark Kharkiv BookFest event is “Knizhkova Rada” - a forum that brings together Ukrainian publishers, printing industry representatives, librarianship, public organizations and authorities. The forum has become a platform for discussing the problems of the industry and how to solve them.

"Knyzhkovyi Mykolaichyk"
“Factor” Group of Companies has been organizing the traditional children and teenager literature book fair "Knyzhkovyi Mykolaichyk" on the St. Nicholas Eve since 2015. One of the objectives of the event is to make the book accessible to children from families of any wealth, therefore it is established minimum prices at the fair. An important component of the fair is a charity event: over the years of "Knyzhkovyi Mykolaichyk" existence, charitable collections of books were held here for rural libraries in the ATO zone, mini-libraries in Kharkiv city hospitals, the Association of large families “AMMA”.


Contest "Auditor"
In 1999, 'Factor' Group of Companies established the student contest “Auditor”, which aimed to increase the prestige of high economic education, identify and motivate talented students, and further fulfill their potential.

“Auditor” was supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, the Kharkiv Regional State Administration, and the Council of Rectors of High Educational Institutions of the Kharkiv Region.

Over 25 thousand students from economic specialties from different regions of Ukraine had taken part in it over the years of this contest.

In 2011, the “Auditor” had been included in the Compendium “Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in Ukraine” of the National Business Case Competition on CSR as an example of successful cooperation between business, government and science.


The main components of company corporate social responsibility in the field of ecology are the upbringing of ecological culture, the observance of environmental standards aimed at the rational use and economical use of electricity, water, and paper.

Since 2010, “Factor” Group of Companies has begun to carry out the “Green Commandos” Eco-Share. Unit goal is the formation of environmental awareness among the company's employees, improvement of the city, improvement of the environment. For several years our colleagues have participated in the improvement of the Kharkiv Zoo territory, Victory Park, as well as the company's adjacent territories.

Other social projects

As a socially responsible company our team participates in events where our accumulated experience and knowledge can be as useful as possible.

One of our the most numerous audience is financial sector employees. Our team more than anyone knows how laborious and responsible is the work of an accountant. "Factor" organizes free video lessons and webinars for accountants where the speakers are leading experts of the Publishing House “Factor'. The coverage of these activities is over 20,000 people.

Our organization strives to develop reading culture by participating in campaigns in providing books for urban district libraries, rural libraries, and mini-libraries in hospitals. In the framework of the “Bookshelf” campaign, we installed bookshelves with sets of modern Ukrainian and foreign literature in Kharkiv co-working rooms, anti-cafés, universities, offices of the Ukrainian Academy of Leadership and the Association of large families “AMMA”. Every year we donate more than 1000 books.